Bathroom Renovations In Templestowe

Are you looking for the highest quality bathroom renovations and specialists in Templestowe? Aqua Force Bathrooms highly trained and reliable staff has been providing affordable bathroom renovations and build in Templestowe for years. With years of service, our experienced bathroom specialists dedicate their time to changing the vision of Templestowe locals and making them a bathroom in a cost-effective manner that also matches their budget. Whether it’s a few adjustments here or there, a complete makeover/redesign or bathroom renovations in Melbourne, our team of experts can work on numerous projects. 

We do not believe in compromising when it comes to our work. We want our clients to have only the best! Consequently, we only partner up with recognised, popular, and trustworthy suppliers on the market.

Templestowe Bathroom Renovation Specialist:

If you’re looking for Templestowe bathroom renovations, you’ve found the right page! At Aqua Force Bathrooms, we cater to the needs of our clients depending on their taste, vision, and budgetary restrictions. No matter how big or small your Templestowe bathroom renovation project is, we aim to only deliver the best results on rebuilds, renovations, and any changes. If you’ve always dreamed of wanting your bathroom designed just how you want it, without destroying your bank account, reach out to us and allow us to turn your dreams into reality. 

Why Choose Experienced Aqua Force Bathroom Specialists?

Are you one of those people who endlessly scroll through ‘aesthetic bathroom ideas’ on Pinterest and have been creating a mood board for what feels like forever? We get you and that’s why we’re here to help you. Our specialists are always looking for a new, more creative approach to projects and expanding their horizons. 

A bathroom is a safe space for many. You’re the most real you in your bathroom and how it looks also says a lot about your personality. Our team will design your bathroom in a way that caters to your lifestyle and the feel of your home. If there is something particular in mind that you want to replicate, that’s right up our alley. 

To ensure you absolutely love what we come up with for your bathroom, we will customise the layout and design according to your liking. To find something that works for your, our team will talk to you about your preferences, your styles, any references, what utilities you want and your budget. Once we have everything needed and present our design and layout to you, we’d be happy to make any changes according to your input.


The price of a bathroom renovation or remodelling in Melbourne depends on various factors such as fixtures and fittings. The paint, the type of shower, the vanities and the tiling of wet areas are some of the factors that need to be considered.

The type of project and the size of the bathroom will determine how long it will take for your bathroom to be built. You may opt for remodelling, renovation, or just minor changes. Depending on your requirements, our team will provide you with an estimate.

We will first ask about your budget. Based on the budget shared, we will come up with ideas and designs suitable to your requirement. So rest assured that you will not be exceeding your budget and there will be no hidden fees at all.

To know more or receive a quote, call us at 0411 613 438 or email us at [email protected] for any queries.

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