A Guide to Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Melbourne Bathroom Renovation
If your current bathroom is looking a little outdated you’re probably thinking about getting it renovated. It is important not to overlook the Bathroom when considering renovations. Fittings, appliances, and accessories are used often in bathrooms and therefore are prone to wear out.

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The Bathroom renovation process can be made easy with the help of renovation companies, but the steps to the process should not be neglected if you’re hoping for a long-lasting and sustainable bathroom.

Bathroom Design

You don’t have to know what exactly you want your Bathroom to look like but having an idea for a layout of your appliances, a color palette or style, and the kind of fittings and accessories you want makes the process easier. The internet has a plethora of beautiful designs, whether you type it straight into google have a look at some online catalogs. If you are unsure, having a conversation with experts at bathroom renovation companies like Aquaforce Bathrooms will help you narrow down your desired design.

In relation to the design of your bathroom, here are the things you need to consider:

  • Size of your Bathroom.
  • Layout and accessibility
  • Colour scheme, Style
  • Price

Bathroom Fittings and Accessories

Eltham Bathroom RenovationOnce you have created an idea of your bathroom, now is the time to select the specific fittings, amenities, and accessories that you want for your bathroom. This means, are you planning to upgrade your bathtub, toilet, sink, light fittings, shower and shower head, taps, and faucet? Think about if you will be reusing anything from your old bathroom, otherwise what new things you’ll need to buy for your bathroom renovation. Aquaforce Bathrooms provide bathroom fittings at lower prices for budget bathroom renovations. If you are unsure of what you’re looking for, consult with the team at Aquaforce Bathrooms about your ideas and they can help you decide on the products that will best suit your needs. Furthermore, Aquaforce Bathrooms provides complete bathroom Packages which include all the necessary items for a full bathroom renovation. If the package doesn’t exactly adhere to your budget, feel free to contact Aquaforce Bathrooms with any of your questions or concerns.


Bathroom Demolition

After the planning and designing stage, now comes the demolition and removal. Hiring a builder to do the job is important, as many safety issues can come into play. Ensure the builder is fully licensed and trained and ensure that you lay out the plan and understand the pricing completely before going ahead with the tasks. Once you have hired your builder, their task can be underway. Have a skip nearby and ensure that the rest of your house is protected, especially if there are any surfaces you don’t want to receive scratches or dust on. You will most likely also need electricians and plumbers on the renovation team to ensure that none of the already installed electrical and plumbing work becomes damaged, and to help with the installation process later on.

Design a Melbourne BathroomBathroom Renovation Fit- In

After the Demolition, the fit-in process can begin. Creating a Schedule for the renovation Team can make your Fit-in process much easier, so you know when each of the workers are needed for the process. Within your renovation process, Aquaforce Bathrooms can support you if you need professionals to rely on, as well as if you want to do the process yourself.

If you have already contacted a renovation company, the process is easy as the team will have organized their schedule and therefore the execution of the renovation can begin. This means that the Plasterers, Tilers, Electricians, painters, and plumbers can come in at their allocated time. Waterproofing is important in Bathroom renovations so ensure that you don’t skip over that process. There are various waterproofing companies to support your renovation process. There is a specific standard in Australia that needs to be met: Shower Floor and Walls must be waterproofed up to 1800 mm and walls encasing the bathroom up to 150 mm. Ensuring you don’t skip over vital steps is important and will keep the bathroom in a pristine condition for longer.

Bathroom Tiling

Choosing tiling can be a difficult process, the size, the shape, the colour, the layout. Going with something simple like white-tiling is an easy option, yet if you are unsure there are a variety of options at Aquaforce Bathrooms ranging from Subway-style tiles for a modern look, to Floral tiles to touch into a more classic style. Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions in regards to the size, shape, and style of your bathroom. If you want to DIY the tiling process there are a plethora of tutorials online, otherwise hire a titlist to make the job easier.

Completion/ Keeping your Bathroom Clean

Once the renovation is completed, the project manager will have an overview of your bathroom, or if you have done it by yourself, now is the time to double-check your plan and ensure no steps have been overlooked. Cleaning up after renovation can be a lengthy task but if you clean up as you go it can cut the workload at the end a lot. Now all that’s left to do is to decorate your bathroom and keep it clean as you go!


Please contact Aquaforce Bathrooms for all your inquiries, we will be happy to help. 

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