Budget tips for Eltham Bathroom Renovations

Renovated bathroom with subway tiles, green feature tiles and a green painted wall.

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Whether or not you are strapped for cash when undertaking your  Eltham Bathroom Renovations, budgeting tips are always something to keep in mind. There are many ways to save money and resources and time when developing your bathroom. Here is a list of things you can do.

Use a small number of Designer Tiles

When working on the tiling of your bathroom, you may want to add specifically designed tiling. A gorgeous tile to add colour, pattern and design elements to the space. However, more often than not those tiles are far more expensive than the simpler designs. Opt for a few strips around the bath rather than filling up big spaces, even entire walls with these tiles. Or a couple of horizontal strips to break up your walls and add colour. Simplifying this pattern, and making the tiles a statement piece will already lessen the costs of the tiles, and also create a pop of colour within the bathroom.


Eltham Bathroom Renovations - Tiling
A strip of coloured tiles in the bathroom


Stick to the Neutral Colours

Going with a strong, bright colour palette might seem exciting when designing your Eltham Bathroom Renovations. However, trends change and so does your style! Therefore, the best idea is to opt for simple, neutral colours for all the difficultly replaced things like your sink, bathtub, walls etc. Leave the bright colour and patterns for smaller easily replaceable objects within your home. Think decorations: Lighting, vases, mirrors, towels. All the things that you can switch in and out with the seasons. This way your Eltham bathroom can last as long as possible before you get sick of it.

Eltham Bathroom Renovation
Neutral Bathroom


Re-purpose Old Furniture in your Eltham Bathroom Renovations

One of the most money-saving, sustainable options in all aspects of home renovations, is Recycling and reusing old objects. Within your bathrooms, there are many areas where you can use old furniture, repurpose it into something modern and install it into your bathroom. A good place to look for cheap second-hand options is charity stores. Often you will even have something lying around in your home that you can freshen up and add to your bathroom. Refurbishing your old furniture can be fairly easy. Often it just needs a good sanding and a fresh layer of paint. Especially vanities is a beautiful way to add fun sparks to your bathroom. Perhaps with some coloured porcelain handles. Also changing out a frame for your mirror for something more Modern, or using old copper hooks can add a gorgeous rustic vibe to your bathroom.

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Know where to Splurge and Where to Save

Saving money on everything will not always be feasible or even realistic. Some things you need to spend the big bucks on. For the quality and ensuring it’s the best option for your bathroom. However, being able to know where to spend and where to save is a great skill to have in your Eltham Bathroom Renovations. Spending money on some gorgeous tiles is a fair use of money. So is getting good quality and beautiful light fixtures. A powerful shower head, modern taps and faucets, all of these things are the ideal areas to spend money. However other aspects are the perfect opportunity to save. Here I’m talking, buying a second-hand mirror, or getting simple subway tiles for your walls, cheap white cotton towels, refilling your soap dispenser and buying bulk. Knowing where to throw your money is what will create a worthwhile Budget Bathroom.

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Refinish Your Bathtub

Maybe you are thinking of buying an entirely new Bathtub because no matter how hard you scrub, you can’t get it as clean as you want. There is another option though, refinishing your Bathtub. You can get professionals in to give your bathtub a fresh, clean new look, and save hundreds on the new tub you were considering buying.

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Go With Larger Tiling

Opting for larger tiles will most likely save a lot of money in your Eltham Bathroom Renovation. Though they will be larger, it still means fewer tiles to buy, a lot less grouting and also a lot less time spent for labour. So consider larger tiling options and save money in your Budgeting process.

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