Eltham Bathroom Renovation Cleaning Tips

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One of the most important aspects of the building process of your Eltham Bathroom Renovation is cleanliness. It is of most importance to build an easily cleanable bathroom. So in regards to appliance placement, fixtures, tiling and decoration – Here are some suggestions to keep your bathroom as tidy and clean as possible.

Install Good Storage

Storage is one of the most important parts of keeping a bathroom tidy and clean. If you have bad storage, everything ends up on the vanity counter. This is obviously a wet area so keeping things out on the bench is the perfect place for bacteria growth. Apart from things like toothbrushes, hand soap and other often-used items, things should be placed away and in dry areas.

There are many ways you can make use of storage space within your Eltham bathroom. Here are some options:

  • Lightweight and moveable shelving units – These can be bamboo shelves that are just placed against a wall. Here you can store towels, washcloths, bath accessories and products.
  • Behind Mirror Cabinet – This can be installed within your Bathroom Renovation process – into the wall – or you can buy medicine cabinets and install them onto your wall.
  • Vanity Cupboards – Rather than choosing a freestanding sink, opt for a vanity with cupboard storage. Here is where you can keep everything you want hidden. This includes cosmetics, hair products etc.
  • Buy small storage compartments – You can easily find plastic or wooden separating panels or containers for you to separate your smaller products into organised compartments.
Bathroom storage - IKEA
Storage systems for Eltham Bathroom

Have Good Ventilation

When renovating your Eltham Bathroom, definitely keep in mid good ventilation. This is vital to removing unwanted moisture from the bathroom. Especially during showers and baths, cracking open a window or turning on the fan is key to keeping the room dry. You can install fans into the wall or even into a window panel if you aren’t planning to break into the walls.



Install Towel Bars

You should aim to Install multiple towel bars within your bathroom. Towels need to be hung up in order to dry properly. The towel mats also need to be hung up otherwise bacteria can grow underneath. If space is an issue, you can install towel racks onto your shower walls or get hooks for extra space.

Towel Racks | Bathroom Accessories - IKEA
Towel Racks

Coat shower walls and doors with water repellent

If you would prefer not to constantly squeegee your shower walls down after you shower, then consider coating them in a water repellent. You can buy these from most hardware stores or ask your nearest bathroom store for advice on this application.


Re-Apply Bathtub Enamel

After many years of wear and use your bathtub’s enamel might be wearing off. This can mean that things are harder to clean or even leave stains. Get someone to check out your bathroom and if it needs to be re-enamelled.


Install Floating Appliances

When you’re at the appliance installation stage of your Eltham Bathroom Renovation, consider buying floating appliances. These are appliances that are floating above the ground and can create a far easier to clean bathroom. If you install Floating appliances it will be far easier for the vacuum to reach those hard to get areas. It also can give the illusion of more space if you are dealing with small bathrooms.

Install Larger, less textured Tiles

When you go to pick out your tiling, perhaps choose fairly large tiling. Also opt for less textured, glossy tiles. This creates a surface for less moisture to retain and fewer bacteria to grow. It also means fewer grouting areas which are very commonplace for bacteria to grow.

Large White Subway Tiles in Shower - Cottage - Bathroom


Install storage into your Shower

You could get storage to hang over your shower wall but think about perhaps installing a storage nook into your shower. This creates an easy to clean spot for all your soaps and bottles. It is important not to leave your products on the floor as they can be unhygienic and grow bacteria.



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