Eltham Bathroom Renovation Storage Tips

Eltham Bathroom Storage Ideas

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When organising your Eltham Bathroom Renovation, storage tips are a key to saving space and keeping clutter to a minimum. Especially within smaller bathrooms, or even budget bathrooms, getting creative ways to save storage is very important. So within your design stage, as well as later in your decoration stage of your Eltham bathroom renovation, keep in mind these simple tips to save space in your bathroom.

Utilise the space under your sink

Many traditional bathrooms have a sink separated from a vanity. However adding a storage system built around the sink and plumbing system immediately creates a lot of extra space. Here you can store you’re toiletries and cleaning products and it also creates surface area for items you want to keep out. Within your vanity you can either have draws or a cupboard with shelving. Draws can be more accessible because it will be easier to reach things, rather than having to reach to the end of the shelves.  When you are organising your draws or shelves, organise by category. For example cleaning products in one drawer, cosmetics in another, medicine in another. This just makes it easier when you are in a hurry to find something.

Bathroom Vanities - Timber Vanity With a Drawer & Open Shelf
Vanity to save storage in Eltham Bathroom Renovation

Install Storage into Bathroom Walls

Installing shelving onto your bathroom walls is an interesting way to store items as well as show of your natural style and personality. Again this shelving can be cupboards and drawers. Yet especially long and slim shelving systems saves wall space and creates the illusion of length and height within your bathroom. Rather than horizontal shelves that can make the room look rather cramped. Use shelving to hide the ugly parts of your items, the things you don’t want seen. And use the shelves to add personal items, like perfume bottles, pieces of art, and plant pots.

Storage system for Eltham Bathroom Renovations

Install storage behind your Mirrors in your Eltham Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom always needs a mirror and there are always ways you can incorporate storage into that necessity! Many mirrors can be installed with storage behind them. Even if you do not want a largely protruding mirror, when you are installing the walls, you can have storage built in. If you have it built in then the mirror can sit flush to the walls. Otherwise you can also install a vanity onto your wall. It doesn’t have to be too large. Here is where you will store smaller things like your prescriptions, and some cosmetics.

Custom Timber Mirror Cabinet With Push To Open Doors And Shelves


Install shelving above the Toilet

You’ll generally have space above the toilet. Here is where you can install more shelving. Here is more space for you to personalise your bathroom. Perhaps add a cute lamp, a photograph or some sea shells that you’ve collected from the beach. It also could be a nice place to store some hand towels that would easily be accessible for guests.

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Add hooks through out your Bathroom

If you do not have enough space for a towel rack, simple hooks can be installed all throughout your bathroom. Don’t hesitate to add many but always keep in mind symmetry and balance. Install a few for each member of the family and their towels. Also install some behind the door for bath robes. Install some next to the vanity for hand drying towels. Make sure that the texture matches other textures throughout your bathroom. If your accent colour/ medium is matte black, match that to your hooks. This allows the bathroom to tie together naturally and create some balance.

DIY Towel Hooks | Life on Beacon

Mount Magnetic Organisers

Especially within your medicine cabinets and under the sink cabinets, it is easy for your space to get cluttered and messy. Find simple and creative ways to fine line your storage within these compartments. You could use basket dividers in your shelving. Or you can add magnetic organisers onto the cupboard walls and doors. Here you can store smaller things, like skin-care products, make up and cosmetics, fragrances etc. You can buy magnetic organisers for cheap online and it really helps organise your space nicely for your Eltham Bathroom Renovation.

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Collate your every day items onto a Tray

Naturally the items you use every day will not be put away. Rather they will be left on top of your vanity so you can access them every morning. These are things like your tooth brush, specific creams and hand washes. A simple solution to these taking up too much space or collecting dust is to place them on an elegant tray. This means that they can collate in one area of the sink, making them more organised. As well as this, you can easily lift up only the tray, to clean beneath it with ease.

Natural Bamboo Bathroom Vanity Tray Sink Tray Candle Tray | Etsy

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