Melbourne Bathroom Renovation Tips for Small Bathrooms

Renovated bathroom with subway tiles, green feature tiles and a green painted wall.

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Bathroom renovations in Melbourne can be fairly difficult especially in tight, small spaces. Whether you’re renovating your small Melbourne inner-city apartment or a walk-in bathroom for your Guest Bedroom, it’s important to find ways to save space. Keeping in mind tips and tricks to open up the space and even just create the illusion of a large bathroom, will greatly improve your bathroom experience. If you have any specific questions feel inclined to contact Melbourne Aqua force Bathrooms

Install Floating Vanity Units

Installing a floating vanity unit could be one of the best ways to create more space in your Melbourne Bathroom Renovation. A Floating Vanity Unit is a vanity that sits off the floor and is rather installed in the wall. Opting for a shorter Vanity will immediately increase the space. This will add more floor room. When the floor is visible, it creates the illusion of more space in the bathroom. Floating Vanity gives clean lines and an open, airy atmosphere to the bathroom. It is also a very modern aesthetic and is far easier to maintain as vacuuming and sweeping becomes quicker. Furthermore, you can use the space below for more storage, for example using woven boxes or tubs.


Use a Shower and Bath Combination

Having a Bath is a luxury that everyone deserves, so don’t believe that because your bathroom is small you have to cut out the bath. Instead of filling up space that you most likely don’t have with both a shower and a bath, get a combo. A shower and bath combo is when a shower head is installed above a Bath, meaning they both take up the same space. This saves space drastically, Also consider an overhead showerhead, as it is installed from the ceiling and not from a wall, it gives the illusion of a taller ceiling and opens up the space.

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Have Smart Storage Systems

Saving space is all about finding as many tucked away spots for storage. Have storage below the sink, or behind the mirror. Find storage high up on shelving systems. Place the things you most often use in the vanity or Mirrored Cabinets, and the things you don’t often use in high shelving. Installing shelves higher up and out of eye level declutters the space, preventing you from feeling crowded. Getting things off the floor as much as possible will largen the space. Remove those cupboards and install shelving onto the walls, higher up and out of the way. With a lack of good storage installed in your bathroom renovations, it is easy for your surfaces to get cluttered. Cluttering is not going to help you create a larger space for your bathroom so never overlook the storage aspect of your Melbourne Bathroom Renovations.

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Use a Sliding Shower Door

Forget about an outward swinging door for your shower. An inward swinging door will save space in the design and installation process of your bathroom renovation. However, an even better option is to opt for a Sliding door. This will save space and limit those awkward manoeuvres around the door on your way out of the shower. A sliding shower door creates only a slightly smaller entrance to the shower, but that glass panel stays parallel to the shower. Rather than coming out into the rest of the bathrooms space.

Get Yourself a Round Backlit Mirror

Round Mirrors are a modern, chic alternative to the usual Square or Rectangle mirrors. They also apply a creative illusion of more wall space. Square lines block off the space, whereas round edges open spaces up. As well as this, getting backlit mirrors is essential in saving space and giving a more large feel to the room. Rather than using up wall and room space by installing lamps to walls, or relying upon the minimal light of one roof light, opt for LEDs behind your mirrors. Not only does it save space, but it also will supply the best lighting for your morning routines, shaving, applying make-up, and just generally getting ready for the day. If you are on a budget, you can stick LED lights around the edge of a round mirror, an easy cheaper fix to buying them already installed.



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