Tips for Designing your Melbourne Bathroom

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7 tips for designing your Melbourne bathroom

When building or renovating your dream Melbourne Bathroom, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the design stage. There are so many things to consider when creating a beautiful, efficient and homey bathroom, that is why I have broken down 7 tips for designing your bathroom, and how you can create a satisfying result.


1. Use Light Colours

When choosing paint, tiling, appliances and flooring for you Melbourne Bathroom Renovation, it is important to consider the colour, and how it will effect the final bathroom as a whole. Using dark, muddy colours can create an equally dark environment. This will ultimately impact the mood of the room. Bathrooms should as much as possible be a calm environment, a place to rewind after a long day at work, for personal time and for general relaxation. Therefore, maintaining light, shades in every aspect of the bathroom except for accents is key to creating that comforting, uplifting environment.


2. Use Natural materials and colours

While it is important to use light colours, creating a balance of stark, light colours and more softly toned natural materials is just as important. Choose natural looking surfaces like marble textures or wooden materials because this can create a more comforting environment. Especially wooden storage hutches or bamboo accents allows aspects from nature to be implemented into your home. It’s all about creating a balance between harsh, stark textures and softer, natural textures for a soothing and refreshing Melbourne bathroom. Keep this in mind in the design stage of your Melbourne Bathroom Renovation.

3. Have and Efficient Bathroom Layout

When considering the design of your Melbourne Bathroom, the layout is one of the most vital aspects. You’ll want to design something that widens the room. Especially for those small Melbourne City apartments, and for the budget bathrooms. Make sure that the first thing visible from the entrance is the vanity, or even a decoration. This will immediately draw the eye away from things like the toilet, that should be tucked away, out of eye-sight from the entrance. Furthermore, don’t have anything clash with the door. Instead, place the towel rack or the rubbish bin behind the door so it saves space and puts them out of sight.

4. Have Coloured Accents

Especially in the bathroom, you don’t want to forget about Colour. While using neutral tones is key to making a homey space, adding hints of colour is just as important. A pop of colour especially in decorations can personalise the room, making it authentic to you. Furthermore, using a dark grouting behind light tiles can create a fun and interesting contrast and design, as well as hiding any dirt that gathers there. Adding colour can be as easy as having a slight coloured design to the tiles, adding oceanic art to the walls, coloured candles beside the bath tub, or  a mosaic sink bowl. This is your chance to decorate the bathroom to represent you and your home.

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5. Have Adequate Lighting

You should always consider the lighting of your bathroom and the placement. Carefully think about where you want the most light in the room. Generally light above the vanity is important. You want to be able to see yourself in the mirror, and have the best lighting for your morning routine. This can be done by having a wall mounted light on either side of the mirror, or by installing a back-lit mirror, casting perfect lighting upon you as you look into the mirror. As well as this, a ceiling light will cast light all across the bathroom, so having multiple light sources is a good idea for creating a well-light, warm and cosy setting.


6. Use Maintainable Materials

Something that is important to keep in mind especially when buying for your Melbourne Bathroom renovation is materials. You want maintainable, and easily cleanable materials. So to keep this in mind, think about the textures you are using. With tiles, if you use highly textured tiles, this will make them generally harder to clean, as there is more area for dust and grime to collect. Even using smaller tiles, this means more grout to clean. Rather than this, opt for a larger, smooth glazed tile, like a subway style tile to make the cleaning process easier.

7. Decorate with Plants

As long as they are getting enough sun, the bathroom is a great environment for plants. Adding plants around the room will really lighten up the room, as well as your mood. Ensure they do well indoors, and then place a few around the room. One next to the sink, one by the bathtub and a couple on the windowsill. This will add more colour to the room and also incorporate those natural materials into the room. Generally plants always add to homeliness of the room, and are a great way to make the room more comforting and personal. For more information get in contact

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