Ultimate Tips for Bathroom Renovations in Viewbank

Bathroom Renovation Modern and Trendy

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Are you a Viewbank resident dreaming of a bathroom makeover? You’re not alone. We help lots of Templestowe Homeowners ditch their old tired bathrooms and bring their home back to life. In this guide, we’ll explore essential tips to transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat!


When it comes to transforming your bathroom, the road from outdated to outstanding is paved with careful planning. If you’re in Viewbank, a charming suburb nestled in Melbourne’s northeast, and considering a bathroom renovation, you’re in for an exciting journey. At Aqua Force Bathrooms, we’ve guided numerous Viewbank homeowners through this process, revitalizing their spaces into modern sanctuaries. Here’s how you can do the same.

Understanding Viewbank's Local Flair

Viewbank, with its unique blend of natural beauty and urban convenience, offers a canvas for bathroom designs that are both functional and stylish. The area’s proximity to the Yarra River and scenic parks, like the Viewbank Reserve, inspires a design ethos that balances modernity with natural elements.

Planning Your Viewbank Bathroom Renovation

  1. Set a Budget: Viewbank homes, ranging from classic to contemporary, deserve a bespoke approach. Determine your budget to ensure your vision aligns with your finances.

  2. Maximize Space: Given Viewbank’s diverse architectural styles, effective space utilization is crucial. Innovative solutions like floating vanities or corner showers can make a big difference.

  3. Lighting and Ventilation: With Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, ensure your bathroom is well-ventilated and lit. Consider adding a skylight or layered lighting for ambiance and functionality.

Design Elements to Consider

  1. Colour Palette: Echo Viewbank’s natural surroundings. Soft greens, warm earth tones, or clean whites can create a serene and inviting atmosphere.

  2. Quality Fixtures: In Viewbank, quality speaks volumes. High-end fixtures not only last longer but also add a touch of luxury. Let Aqua Force Bathrooms assist you in finding the perfect pieces.

  3. Personal Touches: Reflect your style with unique tiles or a bespoke vanity, adding a personal stamp to your space.

Choosing the Right Team

Your renovation’s success hinges on your team. Aqua Force Bathrooms, deeply familiar with Viewbank’s style and preferences, offers invaluable insights and expertise, ensuring your project exceeds expectations.

Staying Informed About Trends

Stay updated with the latest trends. For instance, matte black fittings and rain shower heads are currently popular. However, it’s also important to choose styles that are timeless. For inspiration and to get an idea of what is trending, jump onto Pinterest and have a browse at featured bathroom renovations.

The Finishing Touches

Details matter. Accessories such as mirrors, heated towel rails, or indoor plants can elevate the overall look.

Your Templestowe Bathroom Renovation Summed Up.

In Viewbank, a bathroom renovation is more than a home improvement project; it’s a chance to enhance your lifestyle. With a focus on local style, thoughtful design, and the expertise of Aqua Force Bathrooms, your dream bathroom is within reach!

Your Bathroom Remodelling Project

Ready to start your bathroom renovation in Templestowe? We understand that your bathroom remodel is a significant investment, and its up to you to decide whether you want to manage the renovation yourself or ensure your success by partnering with an experienced professional.

If you have limited renovation experience or want to give yourself the best chance for a stress free, successful renovation we’d love to help! 

We are certified by the Victorian Building Authority, we’ve helped countless other Melbourne homeowners carry out the bathroom remodelling they always dreamed of and we can help you do the same. 

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